One of the things we are most excited about at Green HoriZen is our collection of small batch handmade products from local entrepreneurs.  We decide what products the people want, then go on the search for someone that makes the best around and invite them to co-brand with us!  They then create special formulations using Green HoriZen’s 100% pure CBD, then infuse them with one of a kind products they are already making.  This allows them to build their personal product line, as well as be able to bring their products to the masses through Green HoriZen.

Since we are all about collaborating with other entrepreneurs to bring you guys the best products on the planet, the small batch nature of these products can and does occasionally bring us minor differences in color, consistency, flavor, etc from batch to batch.

When you buy from Green HoriZen, you’re not only supporting our small business, but you are also helping a family put food on the table, pay for dance lessons or football cleats and bringing the american dream into reality.